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Portal is a innovative puzzle platformer by Valve. Equipped with the Portal-Gun, you must survive the lethal science experiments of Aperture Labs and GLaDos, the power mad Aritifical Intelligence. If you can survive all scientific tests, there is a cake waiting for you.

Having delivered 2 games in the series, Portal has also been integraded in Lego Dimension with it's own level content. With dozens of mods and conversions, Valve once again proves that they understand and supports it's fan base to the fullest.


"You Monster."

Portal 2 Wallscroll Chell

Item Number: GE2214

Portal 2 - Puzzling by ValveThis high quality fabric wallscroll for home decoration shows Chell in front of many characters out of the Portal universe. The Beauty armed with her Portal Gun is ready to be compelled through the test chambers again. The wallscroll is...[more]

Portal 2 Mug Aperture Laboratories

Item Number: GE2206

The popular first-person puzzle-platform video game Portal is developed by Valve Corporation. The black Coffee Mug shows the white Logo of the Aperture Laboratories. The Mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Each mug is individually packed in a display box for easy...[more]