Portal 2 Baking Mix The Cake

Licence / Game: Portal

Item Number: GE2208


Product information "Portal 2 Baking Mix The Cake"

A Cake mix for creating the famous, delicious and moist cake that is promised to test subjects during the game. It is not a lie, it really exists! Includes everything you need to bake the original cake, except the fresh ingredients. Including loads of chocolate flakes for decoration and a candle!

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Portal is a innovative puzzle platformer by Valve. Equipped with the Portal-Gun, you must survive the lethal science experiments of Aperture Labs and GLaDos, the power mad Aritifical Intelligence. If you can survive all scientific tests, there is a cake waiting for you.

Having delivered 2 games in the series, Portal has also been integraded in Lego Dimension with it's own level content. With dozens of mods and conversions, Valve once again proves that they understand and supports it's fan base to the fullest.


"You Monster."