Doom T-Shirt Pentagram Red on Black


Licence / Game: Doom

Item Number: GE6159L


Product information "Doom T-Shirt Pentagram Red on Black"

If you are wondering what the Doomslayer is wearing under the Praetor Suit, here is the answer: The "DOOM" Pentagram shirt, of course! High quality silk screen print, 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even after being washed several times.

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The science-fiction and horror themed video game franchise Doom by id Software had its first video game released in 1993. Players of the First-Person-Shooter assume the role of a Space Marine, popularly known as the Doomguy.

Now in 2016 Bethesda and id Software released the latest Doom installment. The mix of current graphics, old school shooter elements and fresh ideas, like leveling up your weapons, made Doom an instant hit among players.

 "Weaponizing Demons. For a brighter tomorrow."