Wristbands of Team Fortress

Team Fortress

In 2007 Valve released Team Fortress 2 as a scuccessor of the hugley popular Quake mod, Team Fortress. Adding a new comic look, background story and visual mod support, Valve gained overwhelmingly positive feedback from its huge fan base. Valve continues to keep players interested in adding Campaign addons and secrets, which can be revealed by follownig the out-of-game told storylines.


"Who touched my gun?!"

Team Fortress 2 Wristband Assortment

Item Number: GE2218

In the cult game Team Fortress 2 by Valve rival two teams against each other. This set of premium wristbands shows the logos of team BLU - the Builders League United - and team RED - the Reliable Excavation Demolition. The blue wristband is imprinted with the white...[more]