Hitman Keychain Logo

Licence / Game: Hitman

Item Number: GE3070


Product information "Hitman Keychain Logo"

The recurring Hitman insignia of the video game series with the same title is now available as a metal keychain. This symbol is very popular and appears in any hitman video game title or movie. It consists of brushed metal and measures just 4cm in height and additional 6cm for the chain and the ring. Manufacturer is Gaya Entertainment.

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Hitman is a video game series that revolves around the cloned assassin Agent 47 - a genetically enhanced hitman who is working for the International Contract Agency to eliminate crime bosses across the world. By now, the series has been released for multiple platforms and has won countless video game awards. Two movies have been released in 2007 and 2015 based on the virtual assassin. 


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