Accessories of Overwatch


Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment is a multiplayer first person shooter that pits two opposing teams of six players each againt one another. Witch a graphical style and quality that rivals animated movies, Overwatch sets new standards for Character design. With 21 highly different characters, both in design and gameplay, every gamer can pick her favourite to go into battle with.


"Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!"

Overwatch Patch Tracer

Item Number: GE3086

Overwatch flair for your own clothes! This patch is modeled after the shoulder patch of the character "Tracer" and can either be attached to Velcro surfaces or sewn onto clothing. The embroidered patch is about 7cm in size and comes in a polybag.[more]

Overwatch Keychain Reaper

Item Number: GE3365

This keychain is modeled after Reaper's mask in the game "Overwatch". Made out of metal, size approx. 6cm / 2.5" inches.[more]

Overwatch Backpack Hangers Mystery Pack...

Item Number: GE9002

Just like the contents of a loot box, these backpack hangers with characters from "Overwatch" come randomized. The display carton contains 24 mystery bags, the approx. 2" tall figures are randomized. The following characters can be found: McCree, Tracer, Zenyatta,,...[more]

Overwatch Button Set Roadhog

Item Number: GE3087

The button set from "Overwatch" is from the hero Roadhog himself and comes with 4 buttons that can be found on the character's vest. The buttons are packed on a blistercard and are approx. 3cm in diameter.[more]

Overwatch Keychain Logo

Item Number: GE3183

The iconic "Overwatch" logo is now available as a keychain. Made out of metal, size approx. 4cm / 1.6 inch.[more]

Overwatch Keychain Hanzo

Item Number: GE3102

The "Hanzo" keychain shows two intertwined dragons and replicate the symbol of Hanzo's ultimate ability in the game, "Dragon Strike". Made out of metal, size approx. 4cm / 1.6 inch.[more]

Overwatch Keychain Mei

Item Number: GE3085

This keychain is modeled after the hair ornament that the character "Mei" wears in the game. The charm shows a stylized frost flower. Made out of metal, size approx. 4cm / 1.6 inch.[more]