New Merch: DARK SOULS 3 - Prepare to die (again)!

The "Souls" series by From Software started as an insiders game, the first part "Demon's Souls" being one of the most imported games of all time. From Software quickly adapted to the demand and brought a localized version and with Dark Souls, the series finally stepped into international territories.

A mystic tale of heroes, dragons, undead and more leads the player on an unforgettable, but also unforgiving journey. Playing "Dark Souls" is hard, mastering it even harder, but once you got a hold of it, it is very, very rewarding.

Initially, the game was deemed "too hard" for casual players, but the community as well as media coverage kept growing. Everyone wanted to belong to the inner circle of people who beat one of the hardest games, leading to more than 10 million sales throughout the series worldwide.

Naturally, players are looking for merchandise to show their love for this game and we have 5 designs to make sure that you meet their demands!