New Licence: Overwatch

The competitive multiplayer scene has an ongoing increase in popularity and now it's time to step up the game. Blizzard Entertainment combines the fast-paced action of a first person shooter like Quake and Doom with the strategy and abilities found in MOBAs like League Of Legends or DOTA.

Players face off in two teams of 6, each with an individual character selected from a pool of over 20 individuals with different skills, stats and abilities, in 3 different game modes.

Different stages give players the opportunity for a variety of tactical decisions and teamplay, based on their characters special abilities. Unlike the standard FPS multiplayer games, players don't have access to an arsenal of items scattered across the map, so knowing when and how to use an ability can decide over your team's success.

Blizzard has already proven that it can turn fresh ideas into games that are quickly adapted by players, whether casual or competitive, and that their multiplayer-focused titles easily find their way into the e-sports scene. Starcraft II is still a staple in competitive gaming and Hearthstone, released in 2014, has a growing playerbase and sees more major competitive play month after month.

Overwatch will undoubtedly follow this tradition and it will be in no time that fans are cheering to e-sports teams across the globe battling for the crown to be the best in this next hit from Blizzard Entertainment.