New Licence: Mafia III

It took six years wait, but 2K is about to release "Mafia III" on October 7th, 2016. The latest iteration of the Mafia series gives us the story of Lincoln Clay, raised an orphan, rejected by society after serving in the Vietnam war. The "Black Mob", the afro-american Mafia in New Orleans, becomes his long-sought family. A hit by the italian mafia almost eliminates almost all of the Black Mob and Lincoln sets for his very own vendetta.

Since its announcement and the first trailer in August 2015, fans have been longing for more and more from 2K. Mafia III was one of the highlights at Gamescom 2016 and was lauded by fans and press alike.

The Mafia series is one of the guaranteed successes from 2K, with Mafia and Mafia II being panned positively by the press and media. The latest installment puts us into New Orleans in the 1970s and shows the beginning of the afro-american gang culture.

We're proud to have a new top IP in our portfolio and offer a range of licensed merchandise right on time for the release!