New Licence: Are you BATTLEBORN?

Recently, a lot of game studios are combining different genres to create a refreshing game experience. "Battleborn", Gearbox Softwares latest entry, takes MOBA-like elements from games such as DOTA or League of Legends and applies them with first-person shooter mechanics in a game that can either be played solo or in cooperative as well as competitive multiplayer.

Battleborn tells the story of a diverse, colorful cast of characters, ranging from your average, not-so-average soldier with his minigun, fantastic mages and steampunk-like robots to a little penguin in a mecha-suit, fighting for the survival of the last existing star in the galaxy.

Gearbox was inspired by cosplayers taking on characters that only had minor roles in Borderlands and filling them with even more life and had a special focus on the diversity of the cast. A plethora of ideas came to life and created the 5 factions you can find in Battleborn. Thanks to this, not only gamers, but cosplayers as well are eagerly awaiting this title to battle it out - no matter if it's on PC, console or the next expo stage.

Due to Gearbox' success with the Borderlands series, the expectations for Battleborn are very high. Fans and press have already enjoyed the beta and we have no doubt that Battleborn will be another first-class entry in Gearbox' history.