Here we go! - Bloodborne PS4 exclusive

Finally, Bloodborne is there!

We desired the video game Bloodborne for a long, long time. But now the time has come. Bloodborne is an action role-playing game in which you go through the streets of the gothic city Yharnam looking for a life-saving medicine to combat a blood-borne disease. Hunter, the main character, is also infected by the disease, but it has not broken out yet. Through this his time is running short. The city is full of mutants and other hunters trying to kill the protagonist. Therefore, the player has to be always attentive that he stays safe and goes further. This is one of the reason Bloodborne is called to be one of the hardest video games that exists. The player needs to find his own way getting the live saving medicine in time in the games dark and frightening atmosphere.

Bloodborne was developed by From Software and SCE Japan Studio as an PS4 exclusive and was published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The video game had been released on the 25th of March, 2015. In the first 10 days after release they have sold more than 1.000.000 copies of Bloodborne, which is really impressive. Gamers and gaming reviewers have the same opinion.  „After spending more than seventy hours with the game, it seems clear to me that ‚Bloodborne‘ is the PS4’s first killer app. Some friends who have held off from buying a current-generation console are reevaluating their abstinence in the wake of its release. (Washington Post)“ . So the people are thinking of buying a new PS4 just to play Bloodborne because of its hype and nearly perfect rate of 92/100 points at metacritic. All in all we can say that Bloodborne is worth every minute we have been waiting for. The people are infected by this game, there is nothing to add.

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