Dead Island 2 will come, California is not safe anymore!

Dead Island 2 will be the upcoming successor of the beloved videogame Dead Island. In September 2011 publisher Deep Silver released the survival zombie video game Dead Island. The development studio Techland created an incredible Coop mode in which you have to fight together against zombies and undeads. The atmosphere of the game is not like an usual zombie atmosphere you would expect. No, it is completely different. The player plays in an open world which seems to be just a nice place to hang around. But be careful, you will never be safe!

Deep Silver is about to bring out the next generation of Dead Island. Dead Island 2 will combine the friendly and sunny atmosphere of Hollywood with scary zombies hunting you down. Fans of the franchise have always been fascinated by this pretty uncommon game design since the first part of Dead Island has sold 5.000.000 copies already and sequel is currently trying its best to reach the top once again. Gamers all over the world are waiting for the release of Dead Island 2 in currently planned Q2 or Q3 2015 !

Therefore we proudly presents our new merchandise line of Dead Island 2. We produced some high-quality merchandise that reflects the stunning atmosphere of this video game. Have a look here and convince yourself.