Silent Hill Plush Robbie The Rabbit

Item Number: GE3020

This is the famous anthropomorphic rabbit doll that has made appearances in many Silent Hill games. The plush of Robbie the Rabbit is about 37cm tall. His mouth looks as if it is covered with blood. This premium plush is soft and cuddly and comes safely packed in a...[more]

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Ori and the Blind Forest Plush Naru & Ori

Item Number: GE3191

The soft, fluffly plush shows Naru as he's cradling the sleeping Ori. The sleeping Ori glows in the dark and can be put separately. Naru is approx. 45cm tall and can be comfortably used as a pillow.[more]

Bubble Bobble Plush "Bob" Blue

Item Number: GE3291

High end Plush of the Dragon "Bob" from the famous classic videogame. Approx 22cm tall with an integrated soundchip (batteries included).[more]

Bubble Bobble Plush "Bub" Green

Item Number: GE3290

High end Plush of the Dragon "Bub" from the famous classic videogame. Approx 22cm tall with an integrated soundchip (batteries included).[more]

DOTA 2 Plush Alchemist

Item Number: GE2552

Become an Oger with this high quality hat and carry the little Razzil wherever you go. Super fluffy hat with high quality plush of Razzil in the size of 38cm attached to it. Comes with an ingame code for Midas Knuckles 2015.[more]

Lemmings Plush Lemming Sound

Item Number: GE2284

Gaya Entertainment proudly presents the green-haired Lemming from the same named video game classic Lemmings. This cute and cudly plush is about 22cm tall and features a sound chip that plays all the iconic sounds from the video game, including the famous "OH NO!"....[more]

DOTA 2 Plush Redpaw

Item Number: GE2153

Hailing from the forests beneath the wailing mountains, a new friend and companion appears. Despite his small stature, he makes up for it in spirit.This cute and cuddly plush of the faithful courier Redpaw measures 45cm and features many details like the stripes in...[more]

Team Fortress 2 Plush Balloonicorn

Item Number: GE2220

Team Fortress 2 is a team-based first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer video game developed by Valve Corporation. The Balloonicorn is a miscellaneous item for all classes. It is an inflatable unicorn that floats behind the player. Now this item may not only be seen...[more]

Portal 2 Plush Companion Cube

Item Number: GE2203

The popular first-person puzzle-platform video game Portal is developed by Valve Corporation. This high-end plush of everybody´s favorit companion is sized ca. 20cm x 20cm x 20cm. The Companion Cube is light and dark grey with a pink heart on every side. This cuddly...[more]

Worms Plush Super Sheep Sound

Item Number: GE3000

This is a highly detailed 29cm long plush with soundchip of the most cruel weapon from the all time classic game Worms - the Super sheep! Each plush ships individually packaged in a nicely crafted display box. The Soundchip includes the sound of the sheep flying with...[more]