Overwatch Figures "Cute but Deadly" Series 3

Licence / Game: Overwatch

Item Number: GE9001


Product information "Overwatch Figures "Cute but Deadly" Series 3"

Blizzard goes into the third round with their "Cute but Deadly" vinyl figures and this time, it's all "Overwatch". The carton contains 12 blind boxes, the approx. 2" tall figures are randomized. The following characters can be found: Hanzo, McCree, Tracer, Zarya, Lucio, Soldier 76, Genji, Pharah, Sombra, Bastion, D.Va and Reaper. Manufactured by Blizzard Entertainment.

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Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment is a multiplayer first person shooter that pits two opposing teams of six players each againt one another. Witch a graphical style and quality that rivals animated movies, Overwatch sets new standards for Character design. With 21 highly different characters, both in design and gameplay, every gamer can pick her favourite to go into battle with.


"Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!"


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