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DOTA 2 Replica Pudge Latex Mask + Ingame-Code

Item Number: GE2109

The original Mod for Warcraft 3, Defend of the Ancients has become a whole new genre. The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena has become the most played genre in the whole world. This high end latex face mask of Pudge shows his green hair and grim expression, as well as...[more]

Team Fortress 2 Replica Atomizer Bat

Item Number: GE2221

This is an about 80cm long Replica of the level 10 Bat "The Atomizer" out of Valve's Team Fortress 2. The Atomizer is a community made melee weapon for the scout. The popular baseball bat grants the wielder the ability to triple jump. This highly detailed replica is...[more]

Watch Dogs Statue Aiden Pearce

Item Number: GE0362

This High End PVC statue shows Aiden Pearce, Ubisoft's new hero in their upcoming action-adventure stealth video game Watch Dogs. Aiden Pearce stands on the street over his enemy. He is ready to pull the trigger and enforce his idea of justice. This PVC statue is...[more]

Team Fortress 2 Plush Balloonicorn

Item Number: GE2220

Team Fortress 2 is a team-based first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer video game developed by Valve Corporation. The Balloonicorn is a miscellaneous item for all classes. It is an inflatable unicorn that floats behind the player. Now this item may not only be seen...[more]

Portal 2 Plush Companion Cube

Item Number: GE2203

The popular first-person puzzle-platform video game Portal is developed by Valve Corporation. This high-end plush of everybody´s favorit companion is sized ca. 20cm x 20cm x 20cm. The Companion Cube is light and dark grey with a pink heart on every side. This cuddly...[more]

Worms Plush Super Sheep Sound

Item Number: GE3000

This is a highly detailed 29cm long plush with soundchip of the most cruel weapon from the all time classic game Worms - the Super sheep! Each plush ships individually packaged in a nicely crafted display box. The Soundchip includes the sound of the sheep flying with...[more]

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