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Silent Hill is a third person horror adventure video game by Konami. The Story always unfolds in the american town of Silent Hill, but every game has a different lead character. Contrary to other horror games, Silent Hill focuses on everyday protagonists. You have to use your wits instead of weapons to overcome the games challenges. Psychological and traditional puzzles must be solved to find the mystery behind Silent Hill.



"When you're hurt and scared for so long, the fear and pain turn to hate and the hate starts to change the world."


Silent Hill Plush Robbie The Rabbit

Item Number: GE3020

This is the famous anthropomorphic rabbit doll that has made appearances in many Silent Hill games. The plush of Robbie the Rabbit is about 37cm tall. His mouth looks as if it is covered with blood. This premium plush is soft and cuddly and comes safely packed in a...[more]