Mugs of Bioshock


Bioshock is a first-person shooter with role-playing and survival horror elements developed by 2K Games.

The game takes place in the underwater world Rapture, which originally was a place of complete and individual freedom for the elites. The player finds him himself between bloody conflicts between the citizens, who have destroyed large parts of the city. He must fight his way through the deranged dweller with a variety of weapons and powerful psy powers.


"It wasn't impossible to build Rapture under the sea, it was impossible to build Rapture anywhere else."


Bioshock Mug Plasmids

Item Number: GE3055

The latest add-on to our "Bioshock" merch line is a colorful mug that shows all the different plasmids a player can pick up. Plasmids can be found throughout the world and enhance the player's character with special abilities. There's a slim chance that you might...[more]