Mugs of Fallout


The Fallout video game series is set in a post-apocalyptic world, or what remains of it after the Great War. The Great War in 2077 lasted for only two hours and was a cataclysmic nuclear exchange between the Superpowers of the world. This Great War subsequently created the setting of Fallout.

Bethesda is keeping fans of Fallout 4 happy with the release of DLC's. And for the first time Fallout lets PS4 and XBOX One owners use community made mods.

"War. War never changes."


Fallout Mug Vault-Tec Logo White

Item Number: GE3551

Vault-Tec loves to give out promotional presents and we think this mug would definitely be one of them. Classic white mug with the Vault-Tec logo. Holds approx. 330ml, dishwasher and microwave safe. Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment.[more]

Fallout Mug Nuka Cola Red

Item Number: GE3562

In case you need your fix in the morning already, why not enjoy your coffee or tea with this "Nuka Cola" mug? Bright red meets cold white with the Nuka Cola logo printed on both sides. Holds approx. 330ml, microwave- and dishwasher safe. Manufactured by Gaya...[more]

Fallout Oversized Mug Vault-Tec Blue / Yellow

Item Number: GE3554

Blue and Yellow, these are the colors that Fallout fans immediately associate with "Vault Tec". This oversized mug shines in bright blue and features the "Vault Tec" logo on both sides. Holds approx. 380ml, microwave- and dishwasher safe. Manufactured by Gaya...[more]

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Fallout Mug Vault Boy Collage

Item Number: GE2057

This is a standard size ceramic mug for the popular videogame Fallout by Bethesda Softworks. The microwave- and dishwashersafe mug shows a collage of the Vault Boy, one of the most beloved characters in the video game.Ships safely in a Display Box.[more]