Battleborn Collectible Glasses Factions

Battleborn Collectible Glasses Factions

Licence / Game: Battleborn

Item Number: GE3147


Product information "Battleborn Collectible Glasses Factions"

5 collectible glasses for the game "Battleborn", showing the logos of the 5 factions in the game: "Last Light Consortium", "Eldrid" "Rogues", "Jennerit Empire" and the "United Peacekeeping Republics". Each glass is approx. 3.5 inches tall and can hold about 4 cl.

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Battleborn, Gearbox Software's first MOBA/Shooter mix, let's you choose between 25 different characters to challenge players worldwide. It also let's you play a story driven campaign with up to 5 players. Filled with Gearbox's famous humor, stye and feeling, Battleborn is the newest game of the Borderlands creators.

Battleborn was released on May 3rd 2016


"For every kind of badass."