Dragon Age: Inquisition T-Shirt Grey Warden


Licence / Game: Dragon Age

Item Number: GE1734S


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The Grey Wardens are an order of warriors and well known for their exceptional abilities. They don't care about a recruit's race or criminal background but only for their valuable character and skills. This high quality t-shirt shows their symbol, a grey griffon which is recognized throughout Thedas.High quality, 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even after being washed several times. All Artworks are original designs and printed in a very durable silk screen procedure.

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When a Rift splits open the Sky in Thedas, you must take control of the Inquisition. You must lead them, make decisions that affect you, your Party and the whole country.

Being the third game of the wildy succesful Dragon Age Series, Inquisitor takes the series further than ever. It gives you bigger and more Areas to explore, new enemies to defeat and last but not least Dragons to hunt down. And for the first time you can play with up to 3 friends in an all new Multiplayer coop mode.

With more than 15 Game of the Year awards, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the highest critically acclaimed game of it's series.


"Mages and templars, and innocent people caught in the middle. Some things never change."

Mages and templars, and innocent people caught in the middle. Some things never change.