Other Apparel

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Scarf Nathan Drake

Item Number: GE3097

This beautiful scarf represents Nathan Drake's scarf from the video game Uncharted 4. It shows Nathan Drake in multiple positions and features frayed ends to represent the original scarf from the protagonist. [more]

Hitman Tie Agent 47

Item Number: GE3072

Ever wanted to feel like 47 himself? Here is your chance.This red tie, made of 100% smooth silk, has the Hitman Symbol embroidered across the whole tie in a small pattern. Looks good with every suit, no matter if cosplay or business meeting.[more]

Payday 2 Tie 2$ Logo

Item Number: GE2167

You have an important meeting and don't know what tie to wear? You wanna rock your next heist in style? Check out this high quality tie made of 100% silk. If you look close enough, you will see that the pattern is made up from small 2$ logos. Manufactured by Gaya...[more]

Payday 2 Gloves Payday Gloves

Item Number: GE2164

Stylish gloves in blue with leather details to keep your hands warm and steady for your next winter heist. Smartphone compatible for fast communication and coordinating with your crew. Made of 100% cotton.[more]

Watch Dogs Scarf Aidens Face Mask

Item Number: GE2090

Aiden's original Face Mask from the Game. Made in stretch fabric with overall sublimation print. One Size fits most. Ships in clamshell packaging.[more]