Accessories of Fallout


The Fallout video game series is set in a post-apocalyptic world, or what remains of it after the Great War. The Great War in 2077 lasted for only two hours and was a cataclysmic nuclear exchange between the Superpowers of the world. This Great War subsequently created the setting of Fallout.

Bethesda is keeping fans of Fallout 4 happy with the release of DLC's. And for the first time Fallout lets PS4 and XBOX One owners use community made mods.

"War. War never changes."


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Fallout Lanyard "Emoji"

Item Number: GE3329

The lanyard is approx. 30cm long and has a hook for safe attachment.[more]

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Fallout Lanyard "Vault Tec"

Item Number: GE3330


Fallout Dog Tags Vault 101

Item Number: GE2056

Vaults are subterreanean installations designed by Vault-Tec. The official reasoning was the sole purpose of sheltering up to one thousand dwellers from a nuclear holocaust. In reality, they were created by the government for secret experiments.This premium Dogtags...[more]