Accessories of Halo


Halo is one of the most popular 1st Person shooters in gaming history. As the Master Chief you battle the Covenant to gain control of Halo, an artificial ring planet with dangerous secrets.Over the course of the series you will face new enemies and gain old friends. The use of celebrities like Nathan Fillion makes the characters come to life on the gaming screen.

With more than 65 million copys sold the Halo franchise is still growing. The multiplayer has one of the biggest communitys to date. It is regulary being used in pop culture, as you can spot it in TV Shows and movies.


"So, what sort of weapon is it?"

Halo 4 Dog Tags UNSC Logo

Item Number: GE0431

To the brand new Halo - Master Chief Collection comes this set of 2 dog tags, showing the logo of the "United Nations Space Command" and "Infinity", the spaceship from the Halo story mode. The dog tags are safely packed on a robust Halo MC Collection - design carton...[more]