Evolve - a new gaming experience!

What about playing together in a team with friends against one, strong and big enemy that is also one of their friends? Evolve makes it possible and brings us a new gaming experience.

Evolve is a first-person coop shooter video game in which the player can choose his character out of four classes. Each class has its own abilities and gamers have to play in teamwork to win against the big bad monster. There are four different monsters available in Evolve. It takes place in the future on a planet called ‚Shear‘. The atmosphere is breathtaking and it is possible to play on a total of 17 maps  and each of them is highly designed. The humanity is attacked by alien monsters and gamers have to stop them. The new gameplay invites the gamer to play with his friends against one friend that is the enemy. Evolve has four gamemodes for example the ‚Nest‘. The team has to burn down the monsters eggs. Sounds simple, but the monster will try everything to rescue his babies. It is possible to play together with some AI teammates. Turtle Rock Studios did a great job because the AI’s are playing very well by using common technical features that will not make you believe that you are playing together with bots.

Evolve, developed by Turtle Rock Studios was published by 2K Games on 10th of February 2015. The game was released for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows (PC). The possibility to fight together with some friends against one of your friends that is like the wolf in a group of sheeps makes Evolve an unique video game and it might be the start for something new in gaming.

We developed a high-quality merchandise line for Evolve. You can choose between shirts of the different characters (e.g: Val; Bucket; Goliath or Griffin). Gamers can have some Evolve in their kitchens because we decided to create a beer glass and shotglasses for the next Evolve party at home. Do not forget about our coffee mug helping the gamer to be fit for the day after a long night of playing. Just check out our whole product range of Evolve merchandise on our website.