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Lemmings is a puzzle - platformer video game developed by DMA Design and was released in 1991. The goal of the game is to guide a required number of Lemmings through different levels before they fall down at the end of the map or die in another way. The player can assign different skills to specific Lemmings that allow them to manipulate the landscape or clear obstacles.

Lemmings was one of the best-received video games of the early 1990s and the popularity has led to multiple sequels.


"Just Dig!"



Lemmings Plush Lemming Sound

Item Number: GE2284

Gaya Entertainment proudly presents the green-haired Lemming from the same named video game classic Lemmings. This cute and cudly plush is about 22cm tall and features a sound chip that plays all the iconic sounds from the video game, including the famous "OH NO!"....[more]

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