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Horizon Zero Dawn Plush Tallneck

Item Number: GE3528

The Tallneck is a friendly fellow that you'll encounter a couple times during your journey in Horizon Zero Dawn. Due to his nature, he was the perfect choice for a plushy. The plushy is approx. 10" inches tall and as relaxed as his in-game counterpart. Manufactured...[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn Plush "Aloy"...

Item Number: GE3449

The "Stubbins" are cute plushy companions from your favourite videogame characters. This one is Aloy from "Horizon Zero Dawn". Approximately 20cm tall and very cuddly. Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment.[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn Wallet Aloy

Item Number: GE3307

High end faux leather wallet, stylized after Aloys clothing from "Horizon - Zero Dawn". The wallet has contrast stitching, a bill compartment, a separate coin compartment and room for several cards of all types. Comes packed in a high end window box with header.[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn T-Shirt Vast Lands

Item Number: GE6127

The "Vast Lands" shirt from "Horizon: Zero Dawn" gives us a look at the breathtaking, diverse landscape that Aloy can explore. Her silhouette can be found in one of the prisms as well as a Stormbringer mid-swoop. 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even...[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn Zip-Up Hoodie Aloy

Item Number: GE6124

The soft, comfortable Hoodie from "Horizon: Zero Dawn" has been designed to look like a traditional garment and features an embroidered logo on the chest. The pockets are outlined with a decorative embroidery, mimicking Aloys outfit. Small beads attached to the hood...[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn Messenger Bag Logo

Item Number: GE3306

The "Horizon: Zero Dawn" Messenger Bag looks like it was taken straight from Aloy's clan. It features rough-textured faux leather which seems to be losely stitched together, has a bordeaux lining on the inside and a separate zippered compartment on the back. The...[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn Baseball Cap Aloy Outfit...

Item Number: GE3304

High quality snapback baseball cap with embroidered "Dreadlocks" across the cap. This cap is styled after Aloys traditional clothing from "Horizon: Zero Dawn". Features a cool reflective „Horizon: Zero Dawn“ sticker (similar to high fashion baseball caps) on the...[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn Wallscroll Cover Art

Item Number: GE3308

Sonys latest masterpiece, "Horizon: Zero Dawn" is real eye-candy. The keyart is no different, so Gaya made a wallscroll of it. The wallscroll measures 77cm x 100cm and comes packed in a clear tube.[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn Keychain

Item Number: GE3303

This keychain from the new post-apo gem "Horizon: Zero Dawn" shows the logo of Aloy's clan - Made of metal with lacquer applications. Approx. 5cm in diameter.[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn T-Shirt Painted Aloy Navy

Item Number: GE6128

This shirt shows Aloy, the protagonist from "Horizon: Zero Dawn" in the popular watercolor look. 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even after being washed several times. Available in S, M, L, XL & XXL.[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn T-Shirt Stormbringer Grey

Item Number: GE6126

The grey shirt shows a stylized Stormbringer, a machine from "Horizon: Zero Dawn", which is said to be even capable of creating thunderstorms. 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even after being washed several times. Available in S, M, L, XL & XXL.[more]

Horizon Zero Dawn Mug Arrow

Item Number: GE3305

Classic mug that shows the logo of "Horizon: Zero Dawn" together with an arrow artwork. Dishwasher and microwave safe, contains about 330ml.[more]

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