About us

Gaya Entertainment was founded in 2006 in order to design, manufacture and distribute premium merchandise & high-end collectibles under the licence of todays most popular PC- & Videogames.

While we focus mainly on licences related to video games, the range of different types of products is very broad. We produce everything, from classic merchandise such as pins, posters, mugs, mousepads and so on, to accessories such as bags and jewelry, as well as high-end collectibles such as action figures and statues or plushes to even lifesize figures.

All key executives here at Gaya Entertainment have been working in the industry of licensed collectible merchandise since 1996 and decided to join forces in order to produce high quality products related to Videogames.

Product quality and safety are of key importance to us. We try to use recycled material whenever possible and take good care to develop products on even stricter standards than the requested norms.


Gaya Entertainment seperates into three different corporate divisions

We service:

Gaya Entertainment offers an extensive network of manufacturing facilities, developing studios and in-house art design & sculpting. If you are a publisher, looking to create promotional goodies, or Bonus material for collector editions, we source from vast variaty of ideas and concepts to offer the product for your needs at very competetive pricing.

From a high end collectible down to the simplest promotional item, we help you to find the right product at the right price. We furthermore offer extensive logistic services across Europe as well as packaging and bundling.


We create:

Under its own brands, Gaya Entertainment sources licenses in order to design, manufacture and distribute merchandise and collectibles related to Videogames. We are always looking to produce something out of the ordinary, such as our talking plushes, high-end collectible chess games or the anti-stress figures & keychains, to accompany those standard merchandise product lines which appeal to a broader audience.


We distribute:

If you have a product under Videogame license which you would like to see in retail across Europe, don´t hesitate to send in a proposal.

Gaya Entertainment GmbH has an extensive distribution Network across all European territories and we keep a good relation to our customers of which most are partners for more than 10 years already. We offer very decent shipping rates on all orders across Europe with DHL, providing clients with products swiftly and on demand.

Gaya Entertainment and its logistic centers are based in Langenfeld, Germany, in the heart of the highest populated state of Germany between Cologne and Dusseldorf which provides us with an excellent infrastructure and the ability to move product across Europe fast and efficient.